Mayor Wamp Warns Against Civil Service In Hamilton County

Oct 26, 2022 | Political News

In his Monday talk with Republican organization the Pachyderm Club, Hamilton County mayor Weston Wamp issued a warning against creating a civil service system for county employees.

Wamp said that he hopes county commissioners will reconsider their recent decision to change to civil service, after they unanimously approved it in last Wednesday’s closed meeting. The resolution was introduced by Commissioner David Sharpe of Red Bank who stated that he had heard a number of complaints about a “hostile” work environment in the county.

According to Wamp, civil service was an idea that came from the time of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and first made it to Tennessee in 1939. He believes it is not what is best for the people.

“In modern America, conservative leaders have fought tooth and nail to roll back, if not eliminate altogether, civil service,” Wamp told those in attendance.