Mastriano on Tim Pool: PA will become a 2A sanctuary state, bring energy jobs, ban child genderization, and launch school choice

Oct 21, 2022 | Political News

While appearing on Tim Pool’s podcast, Republican Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano said that upon his victory, he would sign a law that makes Pennsylvania a Second Amendment sanctuary state.

“Obviously we'll be a second amendment sanctuary state, I'll be signing into law some of the bills I actually have,” Mastriano said, before joking with the hosts that he wouldn't go so far as to legalize nukes. “Clearly not.”

Mastriano's campaign has a focus on the Second Amendment, with one policy aiming to make Pennsylvania a “Second Amendment sanctuary state” exempt from federal gun laws

Lawmakers in Alaska, Kansas Wyoming, and Arizona, as well as 400 additional counties in 20 states have declared themselves “sanctuary states,” Insider reports. 

“In Pennsylvania, county governments, including Washington County in southwestern Pennsylvania, as well as neighboring Fayette and Greene counties, voted to designate themselves sanctuary counties,” according to WPXI-11, a Pittsburgh television station.

Mastriano also slammed the media for attacking him after he pointed out his Democrat opponent Josh Shapiro’s hypocrisy on school choice.

Mastriano told Pool, “I'm a big advocate of school choice obviously. $20,000 a year we're spending per student in Pennsylvania, and you can't pick, you're doomed to a zip code in Philadelphia. Why are you voting Democrat? You, you're stuck in that school and your kids are flailing.”

“But the mere fact that I point out that [Shapiro] is for school choice for himself and is able to afford a very expensive school, about $40,000 per kid, four kids, and that becomes antisemitic. That's how ridiculous the media has become in America and in Pennsylvania specifically. They've become ridiculous.”

“Let's have a debate, let's talk about school choice and why for the Obamas could afford a very expensive school for his daughters in Washington, DC, but what about the rest of the kids in Washington, DC? Why don't they have the same right to choose a school?”

Pool replied, “This is the reason why he won't debate you,” citing Shapiro’s refusal to debate Mastriano. The Republican candidate called Shapiro “a freakin' coward” for his unwillingness to debate.

While answering a question on parental rights Mastriano said, there were “gonna be rapid changes because our department of education has become very radicalized.”

“We've covered some of the books, you have the books there and it's disgusting. On day one, CRTs over, on day one. No more gender pronoun games. This is all 17 January. On day one, we'll be reaffirming parental rights. And I even have to say that I kind of choke on it, in America, really? No kidding.”

“And then I'll back all these up with legislation outta the house and send, I'm not gonna rule by edict, but I'm gonna change a culture on day one and have a secretary of education that'll be focused on education and not indoctrination. That means we need to have all the curriculum posted online for parental review and transparency. The school districts will be ordered to post that. That was a bill, by the way, vetoed by Governor Wolf a couple of months ago.”

“Transparency and curriculum. You know, I think the more eyes that are on things, the better off we are. The more accountability to the public. We're spending $31 billion a year in Pennsylvania on education. According to a 2020 report from the National Education Association, we were the 12th highest in the nation… We're not getting our bang for the buck.”

“So, my goal is actually to do education rather than indoctrination and history, civics and constitution to be brought back.”