Masked-up Taylor Lorenz attends Pornhub awards

Mar 29, 2024 | Political News

Controversial journalist Taylor Lorenz attended the Pornhub awards event held in Los Angeles on Thursday. Video of her dancing at the event in a mask went viral online afterwards.  

Lorenz posted on her social media that she had attended the awards event for the pornography company on Thursday.  

In a caption, Lorenz wrote, “Thank you Pornhub for having me at the Pornhub Awards tonight!”  

Video of the journalist dancing at the events with Pornhub branding and lights in the background quickly went viral online Lorenz's post was reported on by Libs of TikTok, the account that Lorenz doxxed in 2022.  

After posts from Lorenz circulated on X, the journalist took to her social media on Instagram to argue against the posts that brought attention to the journalist's attendance at the event.  

Lorenz shared a screenshot of a post from Libs of TikTok on her Instagram story, saying, “[Nick James] we made it!” 

The Pornhub Awards party was announced at the end of January 2024 and is the 6th annual awards event put on by the company. A news release about the event stated, “The nominees and other event details will be announced shortly. For now, save the date – March 28!”

“A note for all Models; now is a great time to update your profile picture or upload a photo album with some sexy and SFW pictures! If you are nominated for an award, we will use photo assets from your Model profile to celebrate and share your achievement,” it added. 

Pornhub, owned by the company Aylo, has come under fire for many controversies such as distributing child pornography.  

It has also pulled its services out of several states such as Texas, Utah, and others over age verification laws that are designed to protect minors from being exposed to pornographic content.