Masked militant who allegedly attacked videographer at Portland State revealed to be longtime Antifa extremist with violent history

May 8, 2024 | Political News

The identity of the masked extremist who allegedly attacked a videographer at Portland State University on May 2 has been disclosed as Wesley C. Fant, a 2020 armed riot arrestee. 

Fant has a history of involvement in violent left-wing attacks. In 2020, Fant was arrested in Oregon amid a violent Antifa riot. After Fant was stopped by Oregon State Police for driving a vehicle without a license plate, his truck was identified as part of the protesters’ “medic” team and he was revealed to be carrying riot supplies.

Fant was found in possession of an illegal firearm and was arrested. However, District Attorney Mike Schmidt opted for a probation deal rather than incarceration.

Fant’s most recent alleged attack was against a videographer who was present at Portland State University to cover the anti-Israel protesters, who had recently occupied the library on campus. 

Female photojournalist Chelly Bouferrache, who was present at the event, recounted what happened in an interview with Fox News. Bouferrache explained seeing an Antifa extremist in an altercation with the videographer, who had dropped his phone that was recording the situation. As another Antifa extremist approached to steal the phone, Bouferrache grabbed it first and was promptly attacked by several Antifa protesters.

“I just got knocked over, and I don’t know how many people it was, because I was just not losing my equipment, and I started screaming, and then I could feel people on my legs, so I started kicking,” Bouferrache recalled.

“People that are on the ground at Portland State University call themselves antifascists. They’re really not antifascists, they’re leftist extremists, and they’ve been allowed to take over whatever they want in this city, and I’ve seen it in other cities,” Bouferrache added. “I’m not sure what’s going to stop them from doing this if they never face any consequences.”