Majority of arrests at UT Austin’s Gaza Camp were not UT students

Apr 30, 2024 | Political News

Of the over 70 people arrested at the University of Texas Austin campus on Monday at the school’s Gaza Camp, 46 of them were not students at the school. 

UT Spokesperson Mike Rosen told the Austin American-Statesman that based on preliminary numbers, 46 of 77 people arrested Monday were not students, though it is unclear whether this number included faculty or staff members. 

Overall, 79 people were arrested, with 78 being charged with criminal trespass, and one person receiving an additional charge of obstructing a highway or passageway. One person was also charged with interfering with public duties, said Kristen Dark, sheriff's office public information officer. 

The 57 people who were arrested last week at the protests faced criminal trespassing charges, but those charges were dropped. 

The Travis County Sheriff's Office told KVUE that the University of Texas Police Department arrested 75 protestors on Monday, while the Austin Police Department arrested five. 

The university said in a statement “Earlier today, a number of protestors, many believed to be non-UT affiliated individuals, erected a tent encampment on the South Lawn, with barricade enclosures of tables secured by metal chains, and strategically placed tools, tents, and rocks.” 

 “When approached, protestors escalated by becoming physically and verbally combative with Dean of Students’ staff. In response, the University of Texas took swift action to preserve a safe, conducive learning environment for our 53,000 students as they prepare for final exams.” 

“Because of the encampments and other violations of the University's Institutional Rules related to protests, protestors were told repeatedly to disperse. When they refused to disperse, some arrests were made for trespassing. Others were arrested for disorderly conduct.”