Majority of Americans Shun Biden’s Leadership In New Poll, Instead Wants Congress to Take Action

Jan 18, 2023 | Political News

A new poll conducted by Rasmussen held some troubling news for President Joe Biden. The majority of the American people have said pretty clearly that they don't want Biden to take the lead, preferring that he instead follow Congress' direction.

According to the poll released on Friday, reported by Breitbart, 52 percent of likely voters would prefer that the Biden administration “does more of what Congress wants,” and only 33 percent believe that Congress should instead do “more of what the president wants.” 16 percent were unsure how to answer.

The 118th Congress, now fully constituted after 15 attempts to swear in a Speaker, is held with Republican Party holding a narrow nine-vote majority in the House of Representatives and the Democratic Party similarly holding a narrow one-vote majority in the Senate.

The situation should theoretically put House Republicans in the proverbial driver's seat when it comes to spending and government funding while the Senate Democrats have solidified their control over foreign policy as well as executive and judicial appointments.

This means that for the government to effectively function something unheard of in 2023 must occur: bipartisan compromise. However, in a more dysfunctional outcome, faced with Congressional gridlock, Biden could double down on his already heavy reliance on executive orders and govern by fiat, held in check only by the Supreme Court which can only intervene if and when a case reaches them.


The poll from Rasmussen demonstrates that the partisan divide is very much at play in the results. 70 percent of Republicans, 49 percent of Independents, and even a surprising 37 percent of Democrats agree that Biden should step back and let Congress govern. Meanwhile, only 49 percent of Democrats, 30 percent of Independents, and 17 percent of Republicans believe Biden should take the lead.

In a similar poll four years ago President Donald Trump, even in the throes of an attempted impeachment, enjoyed a result of only 48 percent of Americans wanting him to do “more of what Congress wants” and 41 percent believing Congress should do “more of what the president wants.”

After the beginning of the 118th Congress, the poll determined that 37 percent of likely voters believe that the legislators will accomplish more than the previous 117th iteration under the Democrats and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). 31 percent believe Congress will become less effective and 22 percent said the legislature will perform similarly. Ten percent were unsure.

The American people have spoken again. Congress should be in charge.

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