Maggie Haberman’s Anti-Trump Book Gets Absolutely Terrible Reviews Online

Oct 8, 2022 | Political News

Maggie Haberman's recently released book isn't faring well. The book attempts to profit from Haberman's closed door access to Donald Trump, but it fails miserably — impressing basically no one.

We are now learning media hype does not translate to literary competency. Reviews for the book have been almost entirely negative — something consistent across various platforms. Despite being labeled as a “Best Seller” on the Barnes & Noble website, the book has some terrible reviews. Her rating on Amazon is not faring much better — several 1-star reviews. Here are a few examples of these negative reviews:

“The truth in this book is that Ms. Haberman's political agenda and dislike of Donald Trump takes precedence over reporting the facts and that is a huge disappointment. I do not want journalists who give us their opinions; I want journalists who give us facts and first person accounts from reliable, on the record sources. I do not want biased writing or attempts to portray every action in the most negative light possible. Haberman's book is so biased it isn't worth reading.”

“Fictitious work hiding in the non-fiction section. Do not buy.”

“Leftist propaganda and nothing more”

“Why don't you write a book about Hunters laptop? Biden being compromised by China. Or the drugs pouring into our border cause of Biden. You know real investigating journalism, not this debunked propaganda you keep on writing about.”

“Many erroneous statements in this tome. There was no ‘breaking' of this country , instead we soared- we were respected and feared. Compare the numbers now please; we’re broke


It seems that leftist readers weren't impressed either. Many have chided Haberman for waiting so long to release this information. One angry and seemingly left-leaning reader wrote:

“Journalist with access to Trump and who tried to normalize the 45th president all the time in her home newspaper, the NYT (her mother worked in the Trump organization!) gets inside info and holds it back for her own personal gain rather then informing the public prior to impeachment trials.”

While the impeachment hearings against President Trump were nothing but shameful misuses of the law to score political capital, at least the reviewer gets something right — the book is trademark mediocrity. While leftist figureheads on The View, practically the entire CNN lineup, and others in the mainstream media are hailing the former New York Times reporter as a hero, her readers aren't too impressed.