Lying About Their Lies

Apr 29, 2024 | Political News

Dear Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot,

Top of the morning to you!

It’s a new week… almost a new month – and, unfortunately, we are still fighting some of the same old battles…

Including Toxic Joe Biden’s proxy war in the Ukraine. 

And his endless stream of abhorrent lies to defend his thoroughly unmitigated asininity.

It’s all very simple: Toxic Joe wanted to be a wartime president (just like his, gee whiz, boyhood idle Franklin Roosevelt). 

So first, he all but invited Putin to make a “minor incursion” into Ukraine. 

And then, when the Russian leader actually began sending in troops, Toxic Joe got all happy pants and launched his all-out proxy war against his villain du jour.

There was, of course, only one problem – no make that two:

  1. First of all, tough-talking Toxic Joe had no idea how to really, actually, effectively respond to Putin’s Special Military Operation (nor did any of Toxic Joe’s European allies); and 
  2. Once it became far more than obvious that Ukraine – and NATO to boot – would get absolutely crushed by the Russian war machine, Toxic Joe and his minions both in his regime and the lapdog mainstream media) began weaving a transparent web of lies that made Iago look like Mamad.

So, despite the radical left’s flag-waving nimiety on the House floor, Ukraine and NATO are still getting massacred at every turn in the proxy war, the Little Dictator Zelensky is still eagerly preparing for his hasty escape from Kiev (to any one of his multi-million-dollar mansions spread throughout the world compliments of the US taxpayer), and the regime’s and mainstream media’s lies continue to spew out in a veritable cascade of verbal projectile vomiting. 

So, let’s turn to an Alternative Media source to get the truth, and nothing buy the truth, about what is really happening in the military-industrial complex’s proxy war of choice, shall we?


So, there you have it: The unvarnished truth – which you will not hear from the Biden regime, the lapdog mainstream media, or the members of the US Congress for that matter. 

And make no mistake about it: When little Mikey Pelosi pushed through the $68 billion Ukraine prop-up bill, he also knowingly and willingly propped up Toxic Joe Biden. 

Russian was within weeks of scoring a total victory in the proxy war. Johnson’s bill likely propped up the doomed Zelensky regime until the end of the year – and the otherwise doomed Biden regime until after election day. 

Which was the purpose of the prop-up bill from the very beginning!

Keep fighting despite it all, Constitutional Rights PAC Nation –

Fear not, we will win!!!I