Liberal group claims Good Friday homily of crucifixion is anti-Semitic

Mar 29, 2024 | Political News

On Friday, a radical liberal “Catholic” group issued a post on social media that claimed the “homily” given on Good Friday is “antisemitic.”

Catholics For Choice, which is a group of so-called “Catholics” who fight for abortion rights, made the shocking post on X which has since resulted in immense backlash.

“If you attend mass today, you may hear an antisemitic homily, distorting the day's meaning. Christ's crucifixion by the Roman Empire calls us to resist colonialism and state violence. While Good Friday is solemn, it's not the end — there will always be an Easter to give us hope,” the group wrote.

Individuals were quick to fire back at the group's statement on X, which resulted in some calling on members of the radical group to leave the Catholic faith, while others questioned how Catholicism could even be considered antisemitic.

“Stop pretending to be Catholics,” another user added.

“Stop misidentifying yourselves as Catholics. Seek out your local Satanic Temple. You'll feel much more at home… Get comfortable.” wrote another.