Liberal attends Trump rally, expects ‘aggression.’ Instead he’s treated with ‘incredible kindness’

Sep 7, 2022 | Political News

Self-described “liberal” Samuel Donner on Tuesday told “Fox & Friends” he attended a recent rally for former President Donald Trump to see if he could make friends and establish “common ground.”

“Growing up in L.A., you think that these events are going to be, like, very aggressive,” Donner told host Steve Doocy.

Instead the smiling Donner discovered the opposite was the case.

What happened?

Donner’s TikTok page is titled “100NewFriends,” and that was the California native’s aim when he attended a recent Trump rally in Tennessee — to see if he could get rally attendees to talk to him and make 100 new friends, Fox News said.

It turned out to be way easier than he expected, as Donner told the cable network. “I was absolutely baffled that people wanted to talk and would actually be friends with me.”