Letting Human Nature Take Its Course

Jan 31, 2024 | Political News

Let’s clear up a common misconception eagerly spread by the far left on a daily basis, shall we? 

In short, let’s put the truth to one of the adversary’s most oft repeated and egregious lies. 

You’ve heard it a million times – 

And, in fact, nowadays you hear it every time the House Republicans prepare to vote on a measure that will inevitably face defeat by the Senate Democrats.

Here’s how it goes (just picture your least favorite posturing, preening mainstream media talking head pursing his or her lips and muttering this in utter disdain):

“Well, there’s no use the House even doing it – because it will just be defeated when it gets to the Senate. Senator Schumer already said so.”

Now, you are an incredibly intelligent and well-informed Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leader –

So, you already know exactly where I am going with this, don’t you?

Yes, that’s right, you got it…

I am bringing all of this up at this precise moment because the House Homeland Security Committee voted yesterday — 18-15 along party lines — for the two articles of impeachment against the Cuban born, traitorous Alejandro Mayorkas.

Praise the Lord!

The measure now goes to the floor for a full House vote – which will, once again, doubtlessly be decided along purely partisan lines. 

In short, every single Democrat in the United States House of Representatives will vote to continue allowing Cuba Alejandro to betray our country by allowing a full-scale invasion by his fellow Latinos (along with, of course, Chinese, Arab, and African terrorists).

And the mainstream media talking heads will once again intone:

“Well, there’s no use the House even doing it – because it will just be defeated when it gets to the Senate. Senator Schumer already said so.”

So, let me just take a moment if I may to set the record straight –

So that you, in turn, can help your friends, family, and neighbors who look to you as a Constitutional Rights PAC Patriot Leader for advice and consent understand why it is absolutely, unequivocally vitally important for the House Republicans to impeach the Cuban quisling –

And let Smarmy Chucky lead his Senate Democrat collaborators in defending the traitor and his treason. 

I will explain it all to you with a true tale, is I may – which you can then pass along to those who rightly rely upon you to provide them both reliable information and incisive insights.

Many years ago, when I first came to Washington as a callow young political novice, I was blessed by God to be hired on as the director of public relations for the National Right to Work Committee.

For the uninitiated, the Right to Work Committee leads the fight against forced unionism. And it so doing, it goes head-to-head with Big Labor day after day in decisive battles.

Back when I joined the Committee (in the mid-1970s) Big Labor was really BIG – that’s right, with a capital B, I, and G. 

“Mean George” Meany had virtually every Democrat politician in his back pocket (right next to his copious wallet). And union goons roamed far and wide wreaking havoc.

Early on, I noticed that the Committee kept waging legislative battles with Big Labor that, well, I knew from day one we just couldn’t win. 

In fact, not only did I know we couldn’t win – I knew the final votes (in committee and on the Senate and House floors) would be decidedly lopsided.

To me, embarrassingly so.

So, I went to the founder and president of the Committee – the brilliant and courageous Reed Lason – and his top political operative – the equally brilliant and ruthless Huck Walther – and openly voiced my concern:

“I don’t get it,” I said, admittedly meekly, “we know we’re going to lose, and it makes us look bad in the media. So, why do we keep fighting congressional battles we know we can’t win?”

Reed smiled knowingly, leaned back in his swivel chair, propped his size 14 feet up on his desk, and said, “You want to tell him, Huck?”

Huck looked at me like I had three heads and was quite possibly irretrievably obtuse and uneducable and finally said with a sigh:

“I’ll tell you this once and hope it sticks. We don’t care if we lose the battle – because we are out to win the war.” 

Huck explained, “Every time we force the bastards to vote, we get them on record. And then come election time, we take that vote and we make sure every single voter in their state or district knows that when push came to shove, the bastards voted with the union bosses against their own constituents. And then human nature takes its course.”

I was privileged to write the newspaper ads, television commercials, and direct mail letters Reed and Huck sent out to millions and millions of constituents doing election time. And by the time I left the Committee in the early 1980s, there were far fewer of the “bastards” left in both the Senate and the House.

As of today, 15 Democrat committee members are on record as voting with the traitorous Mayorkas and his 11,000,000 illegal alien invaders (including terrorists, traffickers, and drug pushers).

Very soon, 213 Democrat House members and 51 Senators will likely join that number. 

If the Republican Party and conservative organizations do their jobs, come election time, they will take that vote and make sure every single voter in Democrats’ state or district know just what the “bastards” did when push came to shove.

And then, alas, thank God and goodness, human nature will take its course.