Leger poll shows Biden gets no bounce from potential Trump conviction

May 2, 2024 | Political News

A new poll from Leger has revealed that Joe Biden would not gain any additional support if Donald Trump is found guilty and imprisoned in any of the multitude of cases against him before the 2024 presidential election.

The poll, shared exclusively with the New York Post, found that Trump would lose his one-point lead over Biden if he is found guilty, but the former supporters would shift their support to undecided rather than Biden.

The poll found that without the outcomes of the court cases factored in, 46 percent of Americans would cast their ballot for Trump, while 45 percent said they would vote for Biden, and 9 percent were undecided. The poll also found that Trump had a three-point lead (41-38 percent)over Biden when third-party candidates were factored in.

If Trump is found guilty and imprisoned on any of the 88 charges against him, Biden’s share of the vote remained unchanged, while Trump’s share fell to 37 percent. Those who were undecided jumped to 18 percent. 

If Trump is found guilty but not imprisoned, 44 percent said they would vote for Biden while 39 percent said they would vote for Trump. An additional 18 percent were undecided.

If Trump is found not guilty, the poll found his lead over Biden will grow among Americans, with 46 percent saying they’d vote for Trump and 44 percent saying they would vote for Biden. 10 percent of Americans were undecided.

Overall, those surveyed predicted that Trump would win the presidency in 2024 with 39 percent saying he would win and 33 percent saying Biden would win.

The poll was conducted between April 26 and 28 of 1,008 Americans, and has a margin of error of 3.09 percent.

Trump is currently on Trial in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s falsified business records case. Trump has been charged with 34 felony counts in the case.

21 percent of Americans said they were following the Manhattan case closely, 42 percent said they were loosely following it, and 34 percent said they weren’t following it at all.