Legal Group Files Third Complaint About Duplicate Ballots in Minnesota County

Oct 4, 2022 | Political News

Political hacks like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were quick to criticize Former President Donald Trump and his base when they cited massive election fraud in the 2020 elections. However, as time has progressed, voter fraud has been uncovered in more than 1375 proven cases throughout the country, according to the Heritage Foundation.

And just last week, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a third complaint against a Minnesota county for refusing to remove 334 duplicate ballots.

The purpose of duplicate ballots is to take a ballot cast by one person, copy it, and then count these as two separate genuine votes. The investigation centers on Hennepin County, Minnesota — a largely left-leaning county.

In a statement, PILF President J. Christian Adams said:

“Hennepin County is having a problem detecting and removing duplicate voter registrations. Every duplicate registration represents an opportunity for a person to vote twice. Not only is Hennepin County required to remove duplicate registrations by federal law, but accurate voter rolls also ensure that people can have confidence in their elections.”


Of course, ensuring the viability of ballots and certifying election results is part and parcel of the Secretary of State's job. Minnesota's Secretary of State is Steve Simon, who is a member of the state's Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. When questioned by Minnesota radio station KAXE about “the idea that some people have claimed ‘fraud on a massive scale,'” Simon said the following:

“No, there's zero evidence of that. And you know, our process in Minnesota, we have really good laws in Minnesota that give every opportunity before, during and after an election for oversight, for review, for checks and balances.”

The interviewer then turned to election fraud, specifically within the 2020 election, to which the Secretary said:

“Well first let me push back and just say flatly that the 2020 election in this country and in Minnesota was fundamentally fair, accurate, honest, and secure. — I understand it's tough to lose an election, and it's very easy to grasp around for excuses or other explanations or even conspiracies. That's what we're seeing happening here and it's wrong. It's not just factually wrong. It is corroding our democracy in many ways.”

But, based on the data from the Heritage Foundation, we know election fraud happens often. Of course, this won't be reported in the mainstream media, though. Instead, the lie and slander conservatives all the time.

But eventually the truth will prevail.