Leftists Melt After Trump Mystery Flight Into D.C. Leaves Them Speculating

Sep 16, 2022 | Political News

Former President Donald Trump landed his private jet in Washington D.C. this Monday, touching down where he spent the better part of four years making America great again. The trip was unexpected and caught many — both on the right and on the left — off guard.

The irony of these situations is that the mainstream media continues to peddle narratives about Trump's “low approval ratings.” However, they are committed to talking about him several times a day because they know he's the best thing that has ever happened to 24-hour cable news media. Former President Trump's constant unpredictability and bluntness keeps even his most partisan opposition interested. These trademark characteristics are also the reasons voters love him. Never before has an American politician carried himself so boldly, wielding his opinion on his hips without fear of political retribution.

It is still unclear why President Trump decided to visit the swamp. However, if his trip indicates a Presidential run, the Left will surely be angry. They know that if he does run, the MAGA candidate may win big in 2024.

But Liberals aren't the only ones quaking at the idea of another run by the Former President. As we cited previously, Politico reported that Republican 2024 presidential hopefuls are “showing conspicuous deference to Donald Trump, bordering on fear.”

Amongst the monsoon of tweets speculating why Trump might be visiting D.C., there were crazed lunatics hoping he'd be somehow arrested :


A Twitter user also jokingly made fun of the media blitz the former President caused by visiting the nation's capital:

The Former President later posted on Truth Social that he was visiting his golf course in Loudon County, VA. However, the hilarity of the liberals melting down during the short moments of uncertainty regarding Trump's presence in D.C. serves as a great dose of pleasure to many.

So while Trump was sitting back with an Arnold Palmer at his golf course just outside D.C., liberal heads spun in fear of what may come. Any logical person would look at the terror that the former President strikes in his opponents and their attempts to silence him as somewhat of a Robinhood story. President Trump, with no need or personal advantage, has fought ruthlessly to Save America. That is why support continues to mount for him even after his departure from the White House in 2020.

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