Leftist Michael Rapaport rips Dems: ‘I will not vote for Joe Biden’

Mar 30, 2024 | Political News

On Thursday, anti-Trump actor Michael Rapaport said that his political views have changed immensely since 2016 and that he will no longer support President Joe Biden or anyone who is anti-Israel.

In an interview with Visegrad24 on the beaches of Tel-Aviv, Israel, the actor said, “In all honesty, I have educated myself so much since 2016, and I have a ways to go. My political views have changed immensely and they’re changing at a rapid pace.”

“I will not vote for Joe Biden. I do not support anybody from ‘The Squad,'” He added. “I think they’re totally full of s**t, I think they’re dangerous, I think they’re race hustlers, I think they’re cons, I think inevitably they want to get themselves production deals to produce documentaries, I think they’re three-card monte-playing bulls**t artists, I think they totally have an agenda.”

Rapaport was notably a vocal anti-Trump leftist until the war between Israel and Hamas began. In the interview, he said, “At this point, when we are doing this interview, voting for Trump is on the table.”

“People are like what are you talking about?” Rapaport noted. “That's my reality, I will not support anybody that is anti-Israel. I will not support anyone that is anti, you know, making America safe.”

Speaking on illegal immigration, the actor said, “The [passport control] line to go from Toronto to New York, it takes me two and a half hours, as it should, but it takes you two minutes to cross the border.” He noted, “I'm not down with that.”

“I'm not down with police officers in the greatest city on earth getting beaten up, and you're an illegal immigrant, and then you have no bail,” Rapaport said. “I'm not down.”

In November, Rapaport revealed for the first time that he was considering voting for Donald Trump in 2024. “If it comes down to pig dick Donald Trump and smokin' Joe Biden, I'm sorry—I am sorry— voting for pig dick Donald Trump is on the table. I'm sorry. I'm f*ckin sorry. I'll still call him slob dick Donald Trump, and pig dick Donald Trump, and all that. But we've got to get this whole f*ckin situation under control,” he said at the time.