Lamberth Withdraws Bill For Loosening Illegal Immigration Standards For Law Enforcement

Jan 24, 2023 | Political News

Representative William Lamberth (R-Portland-District 44) has pulled his bill from consideration that would have removed the requirement for military service and allowed all permanent residents (non-citizens) to apply and be considered for positions in any local law enforcement agency throughout the state of Tennessee. 

House Republican Leader Lamberth’s bill, HB0056, if passed, would have allowed any qualified permanent legal resident of the United States to be certified as a law enforcement officer and not just a permanent legal resident who is an honorably discharged military veteran. The bill also sought to prohibit the POST commission from certifying a person decertified in another state because of criminal or other misconduct; and would have required the commission to evaluate the qualifications of a person certified as a law enforcement officer in another state by reviewing the person’s training, practical experience, and education.

The current law, as it stands, requires that anyone who wishes to be considered for employment as a law enforcement officer, if not a full-fledged citizen by birth or naturalization, must have proof of having served in any branch of the United States Military, and an honorable discharge from that branch. 

In preparation for our article on the bill that was published on January 18th, The Tennessee Conservative reached out to Lamberth but did not receive a response.