LA woman arrested in dognapping case after video of owner clinging to hood of suspect’s car goes viral

Feb 4, 2024 | Political News

On Friday, 21-year-old Sadie Slater was arrested on suspicion of robbery in Inglewood, California, after a video of her allegedly stealing a woman's dog went viral this week.

According to a statement to Fox 11 by the LAPD, the incident happened on Jan 18 while Ali Zacarias and her French bulldog Onyx were outside of Whole Foods in downtown Los Angeles.

“A female suspect picked up the victim's dog and fled,” police said in a statement. “The victim chased after the suspect as she entered a white four-door sedan, which was driven by an additional suspect.”

The shocking video showed Zacarias clinging to the hood of the white Kia after the suspects grabbed her dog. The woman said she was not going to let her dog be stolen without putting up a fight.

“I was like, ‘I'm not letting this car go,' so I just held onto the windshield wipers,” said Zacharias. “Before I knew it we were driving down the block and picking up speed and I was freaking out for my life suddenly.”

She clung to the vehicle for approximately a block before she fell off at the intersection of 9th Street and Grand Avenue. “Whatever I'm doing, I'm just sad that like I'm not doing with Onyx, or that he's missing out,” she told CBS.

“You know, I'm grocery shopping and thinking like I'm not buying anything for him, and I mean the time has gone so quickly. I feel like this just happened. And yet it's already 10 days.”

Slater was released on bail Saturday night on a $70,000 bond and is due back in court on February 28.

Police said the driver of the vehicle appeared to be a man in his 20s, and are urging anyone with information regarding the incident to contact LAPD Central Area Robbery Detective Mazzacano or Detective Stanziale at 212-996-1877.

They did not mention if Onyx was recovered and returned to Zacarias.