Kim Kardashian visits Kamala Harris at White House, says she’s ‘just here to help’

Apr 27, 2024 | Political News

Kim Kardashian visited Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this week and told the VP she is “just here to help” and has vowed to learn more with “every day, every visit, [and] every administration.” 

It is the first time the reality TV star has been at the White House since Trump was in office as president when she asked him to pardon Alice Johnson. She came with intentions to focus on Harris' “commitment to second chances” as well as the Kardashian's focus on criminal justice reform.  

According to the Daily Mail, the celebrity was to see Harris and participate in a roundtable meeting in the Roosevelt Room with four people who have been pardoned by President Joe Biden.  

“We have issued as an administration, with President Biden's leadership, more pardons than commutations than any recent administration at this point in their term,” Harris proudly stated during the meeting.  

Harris noted the pardons regarding marijuana use that the Biden administration has issued, despite also being responsible for over 1,900 weed convictions in California as a local attorney general.  

“Every time I've gone and visited a prison, I've met some of the smartest individuals, with the brightest ideas and to see the changes that are happening to make their reentry easier, I think is going to be life-changing,” Kardashian said.  

Corresponding with the meeting, a rule has been pushed by the Biden administration to allow convicted felons who did time to be able to obtain Small Business Administration loans. Felons were previously not allowed to do so.  

“I used to think, well, the goal is just to get ou[t], right?” Kardashian stated at the meeting. “And then everything is all good and everything is just perfect. I was so naive to think that's all that was needed.”