Kari Lake Refuses to Back Down to Open-Borders, Woke NFL Bullies, Declares She Works for Arizonans Not Corporations

Oct 27, 2022 | Political News

Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake stood up to the woke NFL and for the people of Arizona last week when she declared that the NFL would not determine Arizona's border policies. The people of Arizona will.

The 2023 NFL Superbowl is slated to be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The NFL has taken action against Arizona in the past — including a controversial move to pull the Superbowl from the state in 1990.  As such, there is much speculation that the NFL could take similar action if Lake declares an invasion on our Southern Border.

Lake, ever the fighter, maintains she will not back down to the NFL — no matter what they do. Our Border is too valuable an asset to waste to woke corporations.


“You want to tell me that a bunch of football teams owned by billionaires are okay with fentanyl pouring across our border at a record level, killing our young people? The number one killer right now is fentanyl. 18 to 45. It’s killing a generation of people. If the NFL is okay with that, then they gotta do some soul-searching. I don’t think the NFL is that stupid. I really don’t. We want to make sure that we’re stopping the cartels.” Lake explained

“The people of Arizona is who I work for, and that’s why I’m here with you today. This is a job interview… I will be working for you… I’m not going to be taking marching orders from the NFL. I’m going to be taking marching orders from the people of Arizona who are tired of their children getting their hands on the most deadly drug this country has ever seen.” Lake added.

“I talk to parents all the time. The hardest thing in the world is having a mother come up to you and tell you that she lost her nineteen-year-old because he took a pill. He took one pill. He didn't know it was a fentanyl pill. He didn't know it came from Mexico and the cartels. He's gone. Think about what we, and think about out there, what you have accomplished since you were nineteen. There's no amount of money that can ever bring a child back who's lost his life to fentanyl, and the thing is, we don't have to have these senseless deaths.”

Lake is a MAGA patriot, and she knows our border security is a top priority. The NFL should care about the safety of its viewership. If they do not, that's on them. But Lake's duty is to the people of her state, and their safety is a top priority — and it should be.

The Republican Party is the party of safe streets, safe borders, and law and order. We the people deserve nothing less. 2022 will serve as a referendum on the failed Democrat project of open borders and lawlessness we have seen over the last two years.