Journalist allegedly assaulted, pulled into Gaza camp at University of Washington

May 15, 2024 | Political News

On Sunday, a female journalist was allegedly assaulted and pulled into the barricades provided by the University of Washington to “protect” the Gaza camp on the Quad during a pro-Israel march of Jews and Christians.

Gabrielle Cuccia, a former White House correspondent and White House staffer, and currently with DC Draino Media, flew to Seattle to cover the protests.

Before the pro-Israel march began, Cuccia, while wearing a UW t-shirt to blend in with the co-eds, spent approximately 4 hours in the Gaza camp, which has been in the Quad for almost 3 weeks.

While inside the encampment, she was approached by a few young girls who urged her to record the number of The Northwest Community Bail Fund, an anti-cop organization that would cover the $1,000 bail for activists who could not afford the fee if they were arrested.

Cuccia noted that “nearly everyone associated with this encampment had this number written down on their forearm in black marker.” 

The fund previously bailed out pro-Hamas activists who blocked the freeway to Sea-Tac Airport last month.

After the March for Israel of Christians and Jews had passed barricades that the university had provided to protect the activists, Cuccia filmed a few other angles of the encampment and found herself with 5 protestors from the Israel March.

Cuccia told The Post Millennial that as she was filming while standing between the protestors and Antifa activists guarding the barricades, a swarm of the militants continuously verbally berated her while striking her with open umbrellas.

Though she asked them to stop and that she was there to “see both sides,” Cuccia said that one of the Antifa militants wielding a wooden bat grabbed her phone and simultaneously, a collective of male Antifa members “reached for my forearm and pulled me into the metal barriers.”

“All I felt were hands of male Antifa members, while they screamed hysterics,” she said. 

Cuccia said she had combat training and was able to “wrangle myself away from them to continue filming.” 

However, while filming, Cuccia said the activists pelted her with 5 full Gatorade bottles and yelled at her in Arabic. 

As she filmed, activists grabbed an Israeli flag from a black Jewish Marine and his wife, ripped it apart, and set it on fire.

Cuccia said that, the next morning, she went back to the encampment and was told by a lieutenant with the university’s campus police that most of the people in the Gaza camp, at least 50 percent, weren’t actually students.

Cuccia then walked through the tents and noticed many of them were vacant. The police told her that Antifa activists and Hamas supporters only arrive at the Gaza camp when there is a reason to be there, such as a counter-protest.

She added that Campus Police told her that the university had instructed officers to protect the encampment and not let anyone through, even if they are students, to focus on the safety of the Gaza camp.

When the camp first formed, activists brought their own barriers but later, the university provided metal barricades to protect the encampment.

Antifa activists eventually instructed Cuccia to leave the encampment.

In addition to providing the barricades and police protection to the Gaza camp, it was revealed Monday that the university was also providing sanitary stations for the campers. Porta-Potties were on the list of demands campers had given to university leadership.

A spokesman for the university told The Ari Hoffman Show on Talk Radio 570 KVI, “The University places porta-potties from time to time in response to the sustained presence of large groups. In this case, the encampment is a violation of state code and the porta-potties are intended to minimize both attempts to enter closed buildings at night and any human waste that grounds crews might have to encounter.”

As of Tuesday, antisemitic, anti-police, and pro-communist graffiti still covered the campus. Groundskeepers told multiple outlets they were having trouble keeping up with all the vandalism. 

In the 3 weeks since the Gaza camp formed, Jews on campus have been blocked from walking and harassed, Israeli and American flags have been stolen and destroyed, antisemitic slurs have been used against Jewish students, buildings have been illegally occupied and vigils and rallies have been held for terrorists.