Jake Tapper’s New Primetime Show is a Humiliating Ratings Disaster, Despite Interview with Biden

Oct 17, 2022 | Political News

On Tuesday night, Jake Tapper's new show “Jake Tapper Tonight” was a rating flop compared to other networks, despite (or because of?) an interview with President Joe Biden.

Tapper only received 854,000 viewers compared to MSNBC Alex Wagner's show garnering 1.59 million views. Fox News' Sean Hannity destroyed them both with 2.629 million views in the 9 PM slot, according to TVNewser.

Additionally, within the coveted demographic of 25 to 54, Tapper only received 211,000 viewers while Wagner got 144,000 views. Hannity once again destroyed the competition with 323,000 viewers.

The following night, Tapper collapsed even further with only 737,000 views whereas Hannity increased his numbers with 2.856 million viewers.

The CNN host was recently picked to fill the 9 PM slot by CNN's CEO Chris Licht after Chris Cuomo was ousted from the network. CNN has said that Tapper is a temporary fill-in. However, it is likely that he will be made permanent, according to the New York Post.


In response to the Biden interview, Tapper was lambasted by Twitter with many arguing that the reporter went easy on the president and failed to push him on any of his claims.

“Our reporting CNN reporting and The Washington Post reporting suggests that prosecutors think they have enough to charge your son, Hunter, for tax crimes and a false statement about a gun purchase,” Tapper asked the president. “Personally and politically, how do you react to that?”

“I’m trying to imagine a gentler, easier, softer, less journalistic question than the one asked by CNN’s Russia collusion hoaxer and Democrat activist [Jake Tapper],” tweeted Editor-in-Chief of The Federalist Mollie Hemingway, adding, “but it’s impossible.”

“Don't tell me there was no question about the millions of dollars the Biden family raked in from China, Russia, Ukraine, etc while Joe was VP?” asked New York Post columnist Miranda Devine. “No question about Hunter paying his bills?”

“SORRY. But this question is NOT good enough. “How do you react to that?” is going to get the same “Gosh, he wrote about all this stuff in his memoir” answer,” wrote NewsBusters executive editor Tim Graham. “Just ask about something else if you can't elicit a stronger answer. This is standard soft-serve CNN, not hard-news CNN.”

Tapper is a bad journalist, and viewers know it. If CNN ever wants to succeed again as a network and moderate, as Chris Licht has previously stated, then they should seriously consider continuing to clean house.

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