It’s past time to ditch the masks

Feb 8, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

If you haven't heard, the Covid-19 pandemic “emergency” is officially coming to an end. The federal government is preparing to declare the emergency over, but we can't forget what they forced us to do in the name of “The Sicence”. Many Americans were prevented from keeping their businesses open, had to provide proof of vaccination to attend events, and were even prohibited from visiting loved ones in the hospital. 

We can't afford to forget that the government will use any excuse to create an emergency so they can gain more control over all of us. Take mask mandates as an example. Every pundit on CNN and MSNBC was parroting the party line that mask mandates were necessary to protect all Americans from Covid. 

However, Democrats can no longer stand behind their sacred science that allows them to dictate how we live our lives. That's due in large part to studies that show there was little to no difference in preventing the spread of Covid by wearing cloth masks. 

The Washington Free Beacon just put out an article detailing a study of 78 randomized control trials that found that even N95 masks make little to no difference in terms of transmission and severity of Covid. So we have to ask ourselves: Why did we let them dictate where we could go, what we could do, and what we had to wear on our faces in order to function in society? 

To read more about studies that are critical of mask mandates, please read this excerpt from The Washington Free Beacon: 

The study reviewed 78 randomized control trials—experiments that have long been considered “the gold standard” for medicine—which assessed the effectiveness of face masks against flu, COVID-19, and similar illnesses. It found that wearing masks “probably makes little or no difference” for the general public, no matter what kind of mask is used. Even N95 masks, considered the most effective at filtering airborne particles, showed no clear benefit for health care workers.

“This amounts to the scientific nail in the coffin for mask mandates,” said Kristen Walsh, a clinical professor of pediatrics in Morristown, New Jersey. “I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that some schools are still actively forcing children to wear masks, much less children who need to see faces to learn.”

There are still school districts that won't allow children to attend without wearing a cloth mask, which could infringe on their rights to a decent public education. We need to fight for the next generation so they know that this behavior from the federal government is unacceptable. If we refuse to stand up for them, how will our kids be able to stand up for themselves?