‘It’s not happening’: High school backs down after student refuses to remove American flag from his truck

Mar 12, 2024 | Political News

School officials in Southeastern Indiana apologized to parents after a student was asked not to fly an American flag from the back of his truck on school grounds.

Cameron Blasek was asked by school staff at East Central High School to remove the flag from his truck. The school district later explained that the concern was due to the idea that should one flag be flown, all other flag types would be allowed.

This was not explained to Blasek when he was approached by a vice principal and counselor.

“‘Hey, Cameron, you got to remove the flag from the back of your truck.' I said, ‘It's not happening,'” Blasek told local outlet the 765. “I told them it would be there all day today and first thing in the morning tomorrow, too. Then they said if you don't take it down, you are getting written up for insubordination. Then they said we could go to the office and talk about it more if I would like.”