Israel, Epstein, and Humpty Dumpty: Putting It All Back Together Again

Sep 9, 2022 | Political News

A Non-Profit once headed by the brother of suicided sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein can be linked to a web of high-level Israeli government officials and globalist elites.

Back in November of 2021, National File was one of the first outlets to report on a groundbreaking series of stories exposing a little-reported non-profit bizarrely named the Humpty Dumpty Institute. The Humpty Dumpty Institute, or HDI, is a shadowy nonprofit organization once run by Mark Epstein, the brother of the late and prolific pedophile sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Until National File, HDI had largely managed to keep its operations out of news reports, despite openly touting its public relationships with the United Nations, members of Congress, U.S. Department of State, Chinese Communist Party, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and Epstein’s former madame — convicted felon (and sex trafficker to … well… to no one, apparently) Ghislaine Maxwell.

HDI mostly aligns itself with far-left, China-aligned Democrats in Congress. But, as National File has reported, ties to the Epstein-run HDI even put senior members of the Trump White House on the defensive.