ICE Spent Almost $132 Million On Tech For Foreign Nationals In U.S. To Self-Report To Immigration Hearings

Oct 14, 2022 | Political News

(The Center Square) – According to a new report published by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement about its Alternatives to Detention Program (ATD), the agency spent $361,218 a day on three kinds of technology to monitor those it released into the U.S., or $131,844,570 a year.

The report states it spent $112,257.80 a day on GPS monitoring using satellites to track the location of foreign nationals released into the U.S. to ensure they were complying with the conditions of their release.

It spent $245,377.92 a day on 255,602 SmartLINK phones with an app for individuals to use facial recognition “to report compliance with the conditions of their release.”

It also spent $3,582.36 a day on 19,902 VoiceID telephonic reporting. This system compares phone calls made by the individuals against their voiceprint obtained during enrollment into the program.