Hunter Biden complains his crack addiction has been ‘weaponized’ against his father

Nov 2, 2023 | Political News

In an op-ed piece published on Thursday in USA Today, Hunter Biden revealed that his addiction consisted of “a bottle of vodka and as many hits on a crack pipe as possible,” and said that his addiction has been “weaponized” and turned into “a vile and sustained disinformation campaign” against his father, President Joe Biden.

“My struggles and my mistakes have been fodder for a vile and sustained disinformation campaign against him, and an all-out annihilation of my reputation through high-pitched but fruitless congressional investigations and, more recently, criminal charges for possessing an unloaded gun for 11 days five years ago — charges that appear to be the first-ever of their kind brought in the history of Delaware,” Biden lamented.

Hunter Biden was indicted on gun charges in September after a plea deal fell apart that would have had the President's son plead guilty to tax charges, and the gun charge be dismissed.

US District Judge Maryellen Noreika recognized that in the diversion agreement, it appeared that both defense and prosecution had agreed that Biden would also gain immunity for any charges stemming from not having filed as a foreign agent when conducting business deals overseas.

Hunter Biden said that he accepts that the choices and mistakes “are mine,” but said he was troubled by the “demonization of addiction, of human frailty” in outlets like Fox News and the New York Post using him as an “avatar.”

“The weaponization of my addiction by partisan and craven factions represents a real threat to those desperate to get sober but are afraid of what may await them if they do,” Biden wrote.

Biden wrote that he could “survive anything” after going through recovery, and that “I am certain that part of my living amends is to not only survive this, but to also use my experience to be a living example of the promises we are told await us in sobriety.”

Hunter Biden was thrust into the spotlight just before the 2020 election when the New York Post began reporting on the infamous “laptop from hell,” which has revealed potential shady business dealings involving Hunter Biden, his father, and other family members.

In September, House Republicans issued three subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden’s business and personal bank accounts as they continue their investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.

On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee revealed a $40,000 personal check that Joe Biden received from family.

Oversight Chairman James Comer explained that $5 million was originally given by Chinese-based Northern International Capital to Hudson West III, from which $400,000 was sent to Hunter Biden-owned Owasco P.C. Of that, $150,000 was sent to Lion Hall Group, which is controlled by James Biden and his wife, who took $50,000, and sent Joe Biden a personal check for $40,000.