Hungary Says They Will Have The ‘Best-Ever Relationship’ With President Trump in Second Term

Sep 25, 2022 | Political News

On Friday, the Foreign Minister of Hungary, Peter Szijjarto, stated that his nation would benefit greatly from a second term with former President Donald Trump (R) at the helm. 

“Definitely, we work together with those who are elected here in the U.S.,” the Hungarian told Fox News Digital during the United Nations General Assembly. “Well, but we have to be honest: If you look at the relationship, the political relationship under conservative or Republican administration and under Democratic administration, there's a big change.”

“Under the term of President Trump, we had the best-ever political relationship between the two countries, [the] best-ever relationship,” Szijjarto said. “We respect President Trump a lot.”

The foreign minister then told Fox News that a second Trump administration would lead to the resumption of a beneficial relationship between the two countries, particularly since Hungary's Prime Minister Victor Orban has secured a fourth term in office.

Nevertheless, the Hungarian government has been accused of being anti-democratic and recently, the EU has threatened to limit funding for the nation. The foreign minister, however, disputed this claim.


“This is not the case in Hungary because we are a patriotic center-right, Christian democratic government, definitely against the liberal mainstream,” he explained. “They hate us, and, you know, since we are successful, we are a kind of proof that it's not only the liberal mainstream which can be progressive and successful. A conservative political strategy can be successful as well. And they hate this fact.”

The EU recommended on Sunday to take away 7.5 billion Euros from the Central European nation over corruption concerns prompting the Hungarian parliament to take up legislation in order to preserve their funding, according to Reuters.

The government plans to establish an anti-graft agency in recent weeks and has pledged to establish additional anti-corruption safeguards. In 2018, the EU documented the dispersal of development funds to the family and friends of Orban.

Despite these allegations, Orban secured an overwhelming victory in the election earlier this year. Orban's party, Fidesz, increased their majority in the parliament by winning 53 percent of the vote compared to the next most popular party winning only 35 percent.

As the European Union continues to isolate Hungary, it is good to see that the Orban government is willing to seek closer ties with the United States, particularly if President Trump runs and wins the presidential election in 2024. Trump's foreign policy accruement was commendable and his positive relationships with foreign leaders benefited the country tremendously.

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