How You Can Protect Parental Rights and Tennessee’s Children

Apr 17, 2023 | Political News

Tomorrow, the Tennessee Senate will consider Senate Bill 1117. This bill would ensure parents have the right to view and opt their child out of school surveys and family life curriculum. Use PDE Action's portal to tell your state senator to support Senate Bill 1117!

Parents should know what information schools collect on their children. Recent school surveys have asked students personal questions about their feelings of acceptance based on race and gender identity. Some school surveys have even asked children for their preferred pronouns, and whether teachers can use those pronouns with parents.

Likewise, some famliy life and sex education lessons have included gender identity-focused instruction. 

As a Tennessee resident, you have the right to tell your state lawmakers your thoughts on the bills that impact you and your family. You can do that today! Tell your state senator: Protect parental rights and Tennessee's children.