How To Opt Out Of The Student Well-Being Survey

Mar 16, 2023 | Political News

Hamilton County parents, guardians, and community members, the Hamilton County School District will be conducting their student well-being survey from 3/1-3/31. The school district describes this survey as, “a tool for checking in with all student's social, emotional, and academic development.” 

The student well-being survey will be taken by grades 3-12 while grades K-2 will be assessed by the student’s teacher. 

Some questions your K-2nd grader will be assessed with are, “how often is this student able to control his/her emotions when s/he needs to?” and, “during the past 30 days, how considerate was this student about his/her classmates’ feelings?” 

Some questions your 3rd grader will be expected to answer are, “how often are you able to control your emotions when you need to?” and, “in school how possible is it for you to change…your level of intelligence?” 

Some questions your 6th-12th grader will be expected to answer are, “During the past 30 days…how often do you keep your temper under control?” and, “in school, how possible is it for you to…behave well in class?” 

If you do not wish your student be evaluated or take this survey, make sure to email their school teacher and principal as the link provided by HCDE to opt out online is no longer active. The student well-being survey questions can be found on HCDE’s website by searching student well-being survey in their search bar. 

If you opt your child out of this survey and your child is still given the survey, please reach out to

Tonya Dodd- Moms for Liberty Hamilton County Chapter Chair