How long can Joe Biden keep this up?

Mar 2, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

It seems that with each passing week there is a new existential crisis facing America: a Chinese weather balloon being able to spy over the Continental U.S., a toxic train derailment in Ohio, and yet another train derailment this week in Florida. The worst news though, is that the President seems completely unprepared to deal with any and all of the challenges facing the country. 

Last Friday, ABC News anchor David Muir sat down to interview the President, and at one point he asked Joe Biden if he had spoken with the Mayor of East Palestine, Ohio. Get this: Joe had no clue if he had even talked with the Mayor. While he was clear that the people facing issues in East Palestine will have the full support of the federal government, Biden couldn't be 100% certain that he had spoken directly with the Mayor himself. 

This lack of understanding means that we have to ask ourselves tough questions about the President's cognitive abilities, and whether he's able to lead America when we're facing difficulties from sea to sea. My view is that the office of the President should be held by someone who can face these challenges head on, not someone who's having difficulty even remembering which local leaders he spoke to in Ohio. 

I think we all know a certain former President who was able to step up and provide direct support to the people of East Palestine, and maybe it's time we all cemented our support behind a candidate who can really get things done in Washington, Ohio, and the world, instead of one who can't seem to hold it together when we're facing record inflation, China is growing in power, and our air is so polluted that it's killing wildlife every day in Ohio. 

If you'd like to read more about Biden's disastrous interview with ABC News, please read this article from Roll Call. An excerpt of the article is included below: 

In a remarkable interview last Friday, ABC News anchor David Muir pulled back the curtain to reveal a President Joe Biden who seemed disconnected with the political reality swirling around him and his White House.

Here was a commander in chief unable to remember whether he had spoken with the mayor of a small Ohio town experiencing one of the worst chemical accidents in recent memory, a catastrophic train derailment that had dominated the news for three weeks.

Muir simply asked the president if he had talked with the mayor of East Palestine. Biden responded: “I can’t recall that I. I don’t think I’ve talked to the mayor. I talked to everyone else there multiple times. Talked to both the senators, both governors. And I’ve talked to everyone there to talk to. And we’ve made it clear that everything is available.”

That was the best this president could summon for a group of his fellow Americans, frightened and worried they may lose everything they’ve dreamed of and worked for?