House Speaker Sexton Says Tennessee “Can Afford” To Reject $2 Billion In Federal Education Funds

May 17, 2023 | Political News

House Speaker Cameron Sexton continues to muse about rejecting $2 billion in federal funding for education. After revealing the idea in February, he proposed a task force to make a feasibility recommendation by Dec. 1 this year.

“Our state can afford not to take federal education dollars,” Rep. Sexton told Hamilton County Republican Women Tuesday. “We would have total control of what we teach in the schools.”

Tennessee would be the first state ever to reject the money, and Rep. Sexton suggested that Tennessee has been first a lot lately, and other states have been following.

Rep. Sexton said that Tennessee is “leading the country,” with the “best economy” in the 50 states. “Our limitation is the federal government,” he said.