Horowitz: Courts enshrine castration as a de facto human right

Aug 31, 2022 | Political News

We’ve learned a lot of uncanny principles about human rights over the past few years. We’ve learned that any private institution, including those involved in health care delivery, can force you to take action against your own body and breathing holes in order to obtain medical care. We’ve learned that the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn’t matter when denying rape victims the right to enter a doctor’s office without a mask. We’ve learned that one could deny employment, public accommodation, and even lifesaving care to anyone who doesn’t opt for Pfizer’s magic juice. Human rights all but disappeared. Now the courts have suddenly rediscovered them when it comes to those who desire “medical care” for gender dysphoria, aka castration.

On August 16, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled (Williams v. Kincaid) that the Americans with Disabilities Act covers gender dysphoria in the context of a male prisoner who thinks he’s a female, thereby legitimizing a right to be housed with female prisoners. While the decision dealt with a case of a prisoner, reading gender dysphoria into the ADA ensures that all employment, public accommodation, and even other areas of private life will be subject to these standards.