Hollywood A-listers furious after squatters take over $5 million home, throw cocaine-fueled orgies in Beverly Hills neighborhood

Mar 29, 2024 | Political News

Hollywood elites are furious after a $5 million home near Beverly Hills and Bel Aire has been taken over by squatters who throw wild parties.
A-list celebrities, heiresses, and studio executives enjoyed the quiet of Beverly Grove until squatters moved into the house in October and began throwing parties featuring “cocaine and orgies.” 

According to New York Magazine's Curbed, the neighbors, including LeBron James, have had enough of the wild parties.

The outlet quoted one unnamed Hollywood producer who asked, “Who the f*ck are these people squatting in the most exclusive Zip Code in America?”

According to USA TODAY, the $5 million home was previously owned by an orthopedic surgeon, Munir Uwaydah, who fled to Lebanon after he was accused of murdering his 21-year-old model girlfriend Julianna Redding.

John A. Woodward IV, the real estate agent for the house was informed by one of the workers that a U-haul truck had pulled up. Woodward went to check on the property and discovered that the locks had been changed and the FOR SALE sign was removed. 

He said at the time that the squatters “have been here since October, charging rents for rooms and throwing massive parties all night long.”

ABC 7 reported that the squatters have been charging admission to parties and that “condoms and drug paraphernalia” have been found in the neighborhood around the house.

Police told Woodward they were unable to help as the case was a “civil matter” because squatters had what they claimed was a rental agreement and even had their driver's licenses registered at the home's address.

Curbed reported that the celebrity neighbors have had enough and are constantly demanding that the homeowners association do something about the situation. 

According to the outlet, someone from progressive District Attorney George Gascón’s office had heard about the situation but stated “squatters have rights.”

The blowback to the comment was reportedly fierce in the neighborhood group chat with one of the neighbors even writing, “Thanks Liberals.”