Hamilton County Mayor’s Office says “Hamilton Counted” reports will bring accountability through data

May 16, 2023 | Political News

Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp has announced the creation of “Hamilton Counted,” a monthly report of county-wide overdose, crime, and homeless data.

Led by longtime Chattanooga Police Department analyst, Jennifer Baggett, who is set to join the county as a Senior Data Analyst, the data-focused initiative will aggregate the most recent and comprehensive data to provide citizens an unprecedented look into local challenges.

“Across the county’s ten municipalities and the ever-growing unincorporated areas, it’s important we have an accurate understanding of the problems we face across our community,” Mayor Wamp said. “Jennifer is widely respected among local law enforcement and our oce looks forward to working alongside her to foster transparency about complex issues aecting Hamilton County. We believe this report will be a valuable tool to citizens and journalists alike, and will grow to include data on more subjects.”