Hamilton County Mayor Questioned On Usage Of Taxpayer Dollars For Legal Fees To Oust County Attorney

Nov 10, 2022 | Political News

Some Hamilton County Commissioners showed concern that Mayor Weston Wamp has yet to return County Attorney Rheubin Taylor’s computer or cell phone despite a commission resolution commanding him to do so, as he continues to rack up quite the bill in legal fees over the matter.

Commissioner Warren Mackey is worried that some county employees may feel “intimidated” by Wamp’s administration. 

Attorney Taylor has stayed on staff, citing he has a four-year contract, despite the new county mayor issuing a directive that he be fired. The matter is now being handled by Chancery Court. 

When County Mayor Wamp was questioned by Commissioner Greg Martin, he said he hired attorney Barret Albritton to represent him in the Taylor case with a cost of up to “just under $25,000.” If it reaches the $25,000 level, it will require County Commission approval. Previously, County Mayor Wamp spent $5,000 of county funds for legal opinion from a Knoxville attorney.