GOP’s New Plan Proves America First Policies Are Making A Huge Comeback. Here’s How

Sep 28, 2022 | Political News

In 1994, it was called the Contract with America. Between 2016 and 2020, it was just known as America First. If you want to return to the policies that worked, there is a simple solution — the policies of the newly released “Commitment to America.” Simply put, it is the policies that put America First.

When people look at the current state of our country, most don’t like what they see. Inflation is the highest it has been in 40 years. The price of eggs, milk, and groceries has increased by double digits. Many people must decide whether to fill their gas tank or buy food. Some are cutting back on travel and entertainment. Many wonder if they will have to cut back on Christmas gifts for their children this year.

It wasn’t that way a few years ago before the pandemic. Back then, paychecks were going up. Inflation was in check. Poverty was coming down at record rates. The wage gap was closing. America was energy independent. Gas cost less than $2 a gallon. (RELATED: SHEFFIELD: It’s Time For America To Shake Off Inept Democrat Policies And A Newly Unveiled GOP Plan Does Just That)

Oh, how times have changed. If anyone asked that famous question, “are you better off today than you were four years ago,” the answer would have to be a resounding “NO!”

The answer can be “yes” again if we turn to leaders in Congress and in the states who put America First.

This week, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) unveiled “The Commitment to America” at a factory in Pittsburgh. Similar to what happened in 1994 with the famous “Contract with America,” this commitment outlines the policies that a new America First Congress will act upon as its top priority.

There should be no question in anyone’s mind that the policies in “Commitment to America” align with the policy goals of America First. I should know. The America First Policy Institute, featuring the top minds and leaders from former President Donald Trump’s administration, has been working to develop those policies for the last 18 months.

And just like AFPI’s America First Agenda, “The Commitment to America” provides proven solutions to the most pressing concerns of the American people.