GOP blamed for TN shooting

Mar 29, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

It seems that no tragedy goes to waste for the political left, and the shooting at a Nashville private Christian school is no exception. The establishment media were quick to make excuses for the shooter, who identified as trans, to explain why it wasn't really their fault for carrying out a mass shooting. 

Instead, liberals in the media blamed everything from Tennessee banning child drag shows to The Daily Wire being headquartered in Nashville. It's almost as if they want to distract you from the actual victims in this tragedy: the children and educators who lost their lives or were injured in the shooting. Why can't we, as a country, come to the conclusion that The Daily Wire didn't cause this mass shooting, the perpetrator of the crime did? 

Of course, don't tell that to people like ABC's Terry Moran or NBC News contributor Benjamin Ryan, who both made excuses for the criminal who carried out this abhorrent attack on innocent kids. Ryan, in a since-deleted tweet, said that the Nashville is, “home to the Daily Wire, a hub of anti-trans activity by @MattWalshBlog, @BenShapiro, and @MichaelJKnowles.” It seems that Benjamin Ryan and his friends are saying that this was a foregone conclusion, and that when you deny using people's preferred pronouns, this is the only outcome we can expect. 

Why is it that whenever the perpetrator fits the liberal narrative, they are committing an act of “domestic, white terrorism”, but when it's a self-identifying trans person, it's because of the Daily Wire or Tennessee's ban on drag shows? If you'd like to read more about the left's response to the Nashville shooting, please read this article from The Spectator World. An excerpt of the article has been copied below: 

The ugliness of the American media is on full show in the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting at a Nashville Presbyterian school, which left three staffers, including the head of the school, and three children, all nine years old, dead. Police identified Audrey Hale, a twenty-eight-year-old woman and alleged former student, as the shooter. Late yesterday, police chief John Drake confirmed that the biological female identified as a trans male.  

Almost immediately, several media outlets gestured at what they consider possible motives: Tennessee’s conservative crackdown on sexualized drag shows in front of minors — and the banning of permanent surgeries and hormone treatment for minors in the state, a policy that is under consideration in several other red states. It was almost as if the “actual” victims were not the six people killed by a mass murderer in a school, but the trans community being targeted by Tennessee lawmakers. The shooting also came just days before a “Trans Day of Vengeance” rally in Washington, DC. Newsweek wrote “drag shows and gender-affirming care for minors were banned in Tennessee this month, while assault weapons remain legal.” Sure they weren’t blaming the policies of the state for the decisions and delusions of the shooter?