Fraternity brothers help police tear down Gaza Camp at Arizona State University

Apr 30, 2024 | Political News

A group of fraternity members at Arizona State University went viral over the weekend for helping police clean up the remnants of a pro-Palestinian encampment following the arrest of 69 people involved in the demonstration. 

Two Jewish frat boys who assisted law enforcement Friday night have since spoken out. They told Campus Reform that the university was happy to have them help. 

“I don't want to see my campus fall to divestment of donors for the actions of a few loud mouthed Hamas supporters,” Dylan Marks told the outlet. “This is America. I should not be told I'm not allowed on campus because of my race or religion.” 

He said when protestors called for “Jewish genocide,” the only correct response was to “help the police.” 

Footage showed the frat boys taking bits and pieces of tents and other camping equipment already torn down by law enforcement and throwing them into the back of a truck. 

“We've got the white frat boys throwing away protestors' belongings, and we have the pigs in brown doing nothing about it,” one demonstrator said. 

Marks went on to emphasize that as a university student, he expects to be provided with “an environment that fosters education rather than discrimination.” 
“I go to class and go about my day,” he said, “but the protests, which are disruptive to both students and faculty, seem counterproductive. By continuing to make a spectacle, these demonstrators alienate supporters.” 
Fellow frat member Blake Bicek echoed his sentiments, adding that since October 7, he'd “personally witnessed a dramatic increase in antisemitism on the ASU campus.” 
“I've seen swastikas drawn on dorm room doors of fellow Jewish students,” he lamented. “I've had ‘Free Palestine,' ‘Shame on you,' ‘Baby-killer,' and a slew of other antisemitic slurs yelled at me while walking on campus, and it's been infuriating knowing that if I respond back, I’ll be labeled as the aggressor.” 
Bicek noted that “helping those police officers was the most productive release of a lot of pent-up anger towards not only the Hamas supporters on this campus but across all college campuses, foreign and domestic.”