Fox News dumps Tucker Carlson to go Woke

Apr 26, 2023 | True Patriot News Daily

By far the biggest news story to come out this week is that Tucker Carlson, the highest rated TV news host ever, is departing the major cable network Fox News. The story comes on the heels of both Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling for Tucker to be censored because he dared to question the accepted mainstream narrative surrounding the January 6th “insurrection”. 

It seems that Fox News may have listened to the calls from the left to oust Carlson, and it's already hurt the network financially, as Fox News reportedly lost more than $507 million in value following Tucker's exit. Tucker's show, Carlson Tonight, had a maximum audience of over 3.7 million viewers at any given time. 

On top of this, Class A shares in Fox Corporation tumbled as much as 5.4% on Monday, and it seems like there's no end in sight for Fox's downward plunge. The question is, why did Fox and Carlson decide to part ways, and who will they get to replace him at the network? 

Outside observers were quick to say that Fox News was bending the knee to pressures from the left so they could appease the woke mob, and parting ways with Carlson was the best option Fox saw. Many pundits and commentators see the move from Fox as a shift towards the network becoming more mainstream, which means that we could potentially see the biggest conservative media network become more woke with the passage of time. 

Much remains uncertain about the direction of Fox News, but one thing is clear: Tucker Carlson and his enormous audience are not going anywhere. Whether he starts a podcast, moves to Newsmax, or starts his own network, the popular conservative broadcaster is here is to stay. If you'd like to read more about Fox's potential shift to becoming another establishment media company, please read this article from The American Spectator. An excerpt of the article has been copied below: 

So the stories are everywhere.

Rupert Murdoch fired Tucker, per the Los Angeles Times.

But in all of the chaos, make no mistake.

No less than New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democrat leader, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — the Left’s favorite fascist — demanded that Tucker be fired. Tucker had seriously answered the leftist racist malarkey that is the building block of the American Left.

Now, Fox has bowed the corporate knee and done what the farthest left politicians in America demanded. In short, Fox has gone woke.

What a disgrace.

Without question, Fox has managed to self-sabotage in spectacular fashion.

In the torrent of outrage following Tucker’s departure, Fox’s stock got clobbered. As reported here at Bloomberg:

Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Exit Erases $507 Million in Value

Class A shares in Fox Corp. tumble as much as 5.4% Monday

Carlson Tonight had an audience of over 3.7 million at times