Fox News crew threatened on LA Metro while reporting on crime in transit system

Apr 26, 2024 | Political News

On Thursday, members of a small crew from Los Angeles-based Fox Broadcasting affiliate were threatened by a man outside the LA Metro headquarters while reporting on growing safety concerns in the city's transit system. 

Nobody was hurt, and the suspect is not expected to face any charges. 

According to FOX 11, the incident took place early in the morning near the building at 1 Gateway Plaza right beside Union Station in downtown LA. Good Day LA reporter Gigi Graciette and photojournalist Tony Buttitta were setting up for their next shot when they noticed a man behaving erratically. 

“While we were reporting on all of the violence, we watched a man we thought was a passenger begin harassing other people that were waiting for the bus,” Graciette said, adding that “suddenly he began turning his anger on himself and then on us.” 

Footage of the attack shows the man knocking over the crew's camera before coming back, picking it up, and throwing it against the news van. 

“We never spoke to him,” Graciette explained, calling his actions “unprovoked.”  

The crew noted that they never inquired further about the man's identity and didn't intend on pressing charges against him. 

While Graciette and Buttitta were left unscathed, others who have experienced violence on the LA Metro have not been so lucky. 

Over the past few weeks, attacks have skyrocketed, with a number of people losing their lives in what appear to be random incidents. 

On Monday, for example, an elderly woman was stabbed to death by a homeless man onboard a southbound B Line train as it approached Universal City station around 5am. 

Police were able to track the suspect down and arrest him. He was charged with murder and is currently being held on $2 million bond.  

According to FOX11, LA Mayor Karen Bass held a meeting with Metro board members on Thursday to discuss the issue and come up with a plan.