Former UFC Fighter Aaron Riley Leaves The Octagon For The Beltway

Mar 20, 2024 | Political News

The Constitutional Rights PAC is proud to announce the newest member of its team, former UFC fighter Aaron Riley. 

With forty-five professional bouts, Riley brings a new kind of flair to the Constitutional Rights PAC as its new Development Officer. Riley’s courage and expertise as a mixed martial artist are widely known, but it’s his unwavering commitment to America’s founding principles that make Riley a sure fit for the Constitutional Rights PAC.

Constitutional Rights PAC founder and president Larry Ward commented, “We’re thrilled to welcome Aaron. His impressive 16-year career in one of the most grueling and competitive sports in the world make him ideal for the position. This won’t be much of a career change for him, he’s just leaving one octagon for another, the political octagon.” 

Constitutional Rights PAC isn’t the only organization making changes before the November election. Shake ups are occurring across the political landscape in preparation for what some are calling the most important election ever. 

Though former president Donald Trump easily walked away with the Republican Party’s nomination, Trump’s allies aren't taking any chances especially after the 2020 election. Following Trump’s primary victory, on March 8, 2024, the former President’s daughter in law, Lara Trump, was unanimously elected to co-chair of the Republican National Committee along with another key ally, Michael Whatley.

Whatley and Trump didn’t waste any time in draining the swamp. As of Monday, 60 staffers were removed from the party's data and political teams across the country. 

As part of MAGA’s march on Washington, Riley’s new role will include overseeing important Constitutional Rights PAC initiatives including a new national outreach campaign, the Trump Victory PAC with its stated mission to “Get Trump reelected.” 

Looking towards the November election, Riley stated, “America stands at a crossroads between those who would take our rights away for expediency and those who would preserve them on principle. I’ve always sided with principle and preservation. I couldn’t stand being on the sidelines any longer as America came under attack. I just hope I can meet this great organization’s expectations.”