Former Google CEO Urges Social Media to Verify Users, Block VPNs, and Watermark AI Deepfakes to Combat “Misinformation”

Dec 21, 2023 | Political News

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has penned an opinion piece in which he presented his “6-point” plan for combating what he has decided to consider election “disinformation.”

Some of Schmidt’s ideas include blocking VPNs and “authenticating” people behind every social media account, and he would like US legislators, regulators, and (tech) companies to heed his recommendations – “before it’s too late.”

By no means does Schmidt’s choice of alarmist vocabulary end there. In the article, published by the MIT Technology Review (that was once dedicated to technology and sciences behind it, rather than being used as a sounding board for political initiatives), he talks about the upcoming year as one of “seismic” political shifts, and just in general, “the biggest election year in history” with democracies “facing a historic test worldwide.”

That’s Schmidt’s opinion, and while he mentions a number of elections to be held around the world, it’s really the presidential ballot in the US, and the campaign process leading up to it, that interests him.