Florida teen confesses to killing mom while she slept next to newborn baby sister

Oct 29, 2023 | Political News

On Friday, it was determined that 13-year-old Derek Rosa will be tried as an adult for first-degree murder after he admitted to stabbing his mother to death as she slept next to his newborn half-sister on October 12 at their Hialeah, Florida, apartment. 

During a hearing on Friday, Rosa's Attorney Kristen Reynoso along with the boy's father, Jose, attempted to persuade Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Gerald D. Hubbart to allow Derek to be released on house arrest, WSVN Reports.  

Reynosos said, “Your Honor, we’re asking for house arrest with total lockdown. My client would be living with his father, who is present, Jose Rosa, as well as his maternal grandmother, Isabel Costa.” She added, “He would not be left alone at any time.” 

“It’s very unfortunate that this tragedy occurred,” Jose Rosa said. “But this child is very humble, very peaceful.”

“I guess what we’re asking for is another opportunity, a second chance to help him grow and become mature as a grown man, to put this behind him and say, ‘We have your back, we’re here to support you,'” he continued. “It’s hard to take back what already occurred, so we can only move forward and try to give him more support and let him know that we love him.”

The 911 call from Derek to the police, was released by WSVN, the boy admitted to the killing and sending pictures to his friends. “I took pictures and told my friends about it. Is that bad?” Derek asked the dispatcher. She clarified, “Did you send the pictures to your friends?” He responded, “Yeah.” 

During the hearing, Judge Hubbart told Jose Rosa that he wasn't there “to try the case” that day, but that it “is just the first appearance hearing to determine if there is probable cause to show that your son is, in fact, guilty or believed to be guilty.” 

Hubbart determined there was probable cause and that Rosa would be detained at the Metro West Detention Center without bond. His arraignment hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.