Florida pit bulls tear apart vehicle in pursuit of feline feast, cause $3,000 in damage

Apr 3, 2024 | Political News

A woman in Jacksonville, Florida was shocked to find out that the perpetrators of an attack that caused thousands of dollars in damage to her vehicle were not even human.

It was only after calling the police and checking footage from the security camera that Christie Barr discovered that the suspects were a pair of pit bulls pursuing a feline feast.

According to Inside Edition, the canine culprits were chasing a neighborhood cat through Barr's yard around 4am Sunday morning. When the cat hid under her Honda SUV, the dogs came to a standstill and surveyed the area.

Figuring that the cat had made its way into the vehicle, they proceeded to tear entire sections off the front and side. Before long, the entire car was shaking and parts were littered on the driveway.

The cat managed to escape, and is not believed to have been injured. The dogs fled the scene soon after realizing that their target was nowhere to be found. It is not known whether they are someone's pets, or simply strays. Either way, they are still on the run.

“On the video, you can see both of them tugging on it,” Barr told Inside Edition, “and they were tugging so hard that my car moved.” She went on to tell WKMG that she initially thought that someone had shot up her car with a BB gun.

Barr called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and when police arrived, they scoured the footage and only then realized what had happened.

“If they can do that to metal on a car, they could tear a human being up,” she warned. “You need to take care of them. Don't let them be out running the streets during the middle of the night.”

Her SUV was towed away, with the insurance company estimating that the dogs had caused around $3,000 in damage.