First Safe Haven Baby Surrendered at Tennessee’s First “Baby Box”

May 30, 2023 | Political News

Tennessee’s first Safe Haven Baby Box, installed in February of this year, was actually used over the weekend for the very first time.

According to the Knoxville Fire Department, this “Baby Box Alert” came through just after 12am on Saturday morning at Station 17 where three crew members responded and found a baby boy had been left for them to find in the Baby Box.

The baby boy was healthy and not injured when the crew members found him. An ambulance arrived quickly and transported the baby to the hospital for evaluation. 

While this little one was the first baby to be placed in Knoxville’s baby box, he is by no means the first baby to be safely surrendered and protected under Tennessee’s Safe Haven Law.

Since July of 2001, the lives of over 100 babies have been protected because they were safely surrendered to Safe Haven facilities across the state.