First “Hamilton Counted” Report Shows Increase In Clients At Homeless Health Clinic

Aug 23, 2023 | Political News

Hamilton County released a-first-of-its-kind data report Tuesday unveiling county-wide statistics on crime, overdoses and homelessness. Generated by the county’s Senior Data Analyst Jennifer Baggett, this monthly report is aimed to provide accountability through data by giving citizens a transparent look into the daily challenges facing communities.

“Embracing a data-driven philosophy will help us understand the core challenges facing our community,” said Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp. “Each statistic in this report represents a distinct story and a family whose lives have been forever changed. While much of this data is sobering, it is important for leaders in our community to confront the difficult reality of crime, drug abuse, and homelessness in order for Hamilton County to reach its potential.”

The Homeless Health Care Center has seen an increase in patients coming to their clinic in 2023, namely from the “street” — which matches the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of “unsheltered.” Through the first seven months of the year, the clinic has served 1,160 “street” patients, whereas a point in time count by the Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition from earlier in the year showed 607 unsheltered people in Hamilton County.