Firms join the deepfake dance, offering responses to new AI threats

Feb 13, 2024 | Political News

A rash of deepfake attacks has brought a note of panic to biometrics and other industries, which are waking up to just how far down the AI rabbit hole fraudsters have already gone. From major corporate theft to voice scams targeting individuals, the prevalence and scope of the problem confirms the urgent necessity of deploying technological safeguards that can keep pace with rapidly evolving criminal threats.

Digital ID firms are exploring different systems to thwart deepfakes and keep the line between reality and a generative AI-fueled dystopia as firm as possible, and the market potential is huge.

Prove creates an identity chain from data points tied to phone number

For Prove, the solution is in your pocket – specifically, tied to your mobile device and phone number. Prove’s system comes at identity from a different angle than many digital ID firms, in that it doesn’t rely on face biometrics or other biological features. Instead, Prove accesses the  cryptographic exchange that happens between your device and the cell tower to verify the number. It establishes trust thresholds based on a variety of data points that constitute the so-called reputation of the device. And it bounces the authenticated number off a variety of bank grade data sources to ensure that that phone number shows up associated with that identity.