Fetterman’s top aides mass quit for more progressive jobs amid senator’s move towards center

Mar 30, 2024 | Political News

Democrat Senator John Fetterman's top aides have all resigned from their positions and are leaving his office for more progressive jobs, the Daily Mail reports

This comes as the senator has been distancing himself from the progressive wing of the Democrat party and shifting more to the center on key issues

Fetterman, who was elected to Congress in 2022 and received endorsements from prominent progressives in the Democrat Party, such as AOC and Bernie Sanders, has strayed from his former progressive stance on significant issues impacting the nation. 

Over the past several months, Fetterman has shown support for Israel in its war against Hamas and has called for stricter border security measures, which is a stance opposite of some progressives in Congress. 

The senator recently made it abundantly clear that he is “not a progressive.” 

Fetterman told NBC News in December: “I just think I'm a Democrat that is very committed to choice and other things. But with Israel, I'm going to be on the right side of that.” 

“And immigration is something near and dear to me, and I think we do have to effectively address it as well,” he said. 

Earlier this month, Fetterman's longtime communications director Joe Calvello, who assisted him during the campaign's turbulent Senate race, went to work for far-left progressive Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson. 

Calvello said in a statement earlier this month, “Mayor Johnson is a true progressive who is committed to fighting for the working people and families of the City of Chicago, and I am deeply honored to join his administration.” 

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Nick Gavio, Fetterman's deputy director of communications who began with his campaign, will quit at the end of the month to work for the Working Families Party. 

Some of the most progressive legislators, including “Squad: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Cori Bush, (D-MO), Rashida Tlaib, (D-MI), and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) are members of the Working Families Party. 

Emma Mustion, a press and digital aide in Fetterman's office, also departed to work on Democrat Sen. Bob Casey's reelection campaign.