Fentanyl “Candies” and Protecting Your Kids this Halloween

Oct 6, 2022 | True Patriot News Daily

The Blaze reported yesterday on the largest fentanyl drug bust in New York City's history.

Authorities seized nearly 15,000 pills, according to the article, many of which contained a lethal dose. The pills were made to look like candy, hidden in a lego box, which authorities presume was in order to present them to kids.

Every year, we talk about the importance of being cautious with Halloween candies and gifts, being aware. But this year, it really is more important than ever; the American fentanyl crisis is at a record high, and these drug smugglers and dealers don't care who the recipient is

Teach your kids to be aware and make sure you're in the know about Halloween activities. Spread the word that even one pill can kill when it comes to fentanyl.