Feds coordinated with Big Tech to censor social media, met with companies ‘monthly’ in lead-up to 2020 election: Report

Nov 1, 2022 | Political News

A new, explosive report from the Intercept indicates that, in recent years, federal agents, especially those in the Department of Homeland Security, have closely coordinated with Big Tech firms to police online speech and to censor what they deem to be “misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation.” The report indicates that this federal regulation of online content may have even affected the outcome of the 2020 election.

In their co-authored piece, Ken Klippenstein and Lee Fang analyze “[y]ears of internal DHS memos, emails, and documents” to determine the extent to which federal agencies have pressured social media companies to censor information and speech that may reflect poorly on the U.S. government.

Their conclusions are startling. According to DHS meeting minutes from last March regarding the FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force, established to investigate whether Russian influence had interfered with the 2016 presidential election, 80 task force members have been assigned to combat “subversive data utilized to drive a wedge between the populace and the government.”